$250.00  1,000 Mile Factory Recommended Service

Change oil and filter, clean magnetic drain plug (Includes KN Filter and 3 qts reg oil)*

Change primary chain case fluid, clean magnetic drain lug

Change transmission lubricant, clean magnetic drain plug

Check and adjust primary drive chain

Inspect air cleaner

Lubricate the following: front brake lever, throttle cables, throttle clutch control cable and lever, jeffy stand

Tighten battery connections, check electrolyte on wet cells

Test battery voltage & charging system output

Check lighting & horn for proper operation

Adjust and check clutch/cable free play

Inspect fuel valve, lines and fittings for leaks

Inspect tires, tread depth & adjust pressure

Check wheels & tighten spokes

Inspect brake pads and disc for wear

Adjust and check rear belt

Check shock absorbers

Inspect oil and brake lines and fittings for leaks

Inspect brake fluid level and condition

Check engine idle speed

Check operation of throttle and enricher

Check front fork bearing adjustment

Road test